About Us

Jersey Shore Aerial Advertising is  your premiere New Jersey Aerial Advertising Company  with over sixteen years experience and a perfect safety record flying Aerial Banners over the beaches of The Jersey Shore, Long Island and all and points in the Tri State Area. 

We are not a broker, ad agency or just an eye catching website.  We operate a fleet of highly modified banner towing aircraft from  three key locations throughout New Jersey. We provide complete design and manufacture of Aerial Banners and manage your entire Aerial Advertising project from start to finish. With Jersey Shore Aerial Advertising, you are partnering directly with the service provider. The majority of banner-towing companies operate through brokers and sub-contractors which raises costs and can cause numerous but avoidable errors.

By contracting directly with Jersey Shore Aerial Advertising we offer a personalized client service experience with integrity and excellent quality assurance. Our staff are always on hand to assist you with your needs. Contact us to see what a well planned and executed aerial advertising campaign can do for you.